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Extinction Rebellion

Nopulence: Making a real fashion statement

In September 2020 I collaborated with a group of incredibly talented designers and I launched Nopulence, a fashion label by activists, for activists. A fashion label of nothing, Nopulence raises awareness about what our clothes are doing to the planet. The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of the world's annual global carbon emissions, more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined.


We need to stop: stop consuming at this rate. Stop buying new. Stop buying fast fashion. Start recycling. Reusing. Rethinking what we wear.

Every Nopulence outfit is made from nothing, meaning entirely recycled materials and unwanted scraps. While not for sale, items are freely available to activists during demonstrations, XR trials and awareness drives.

I helped launch and set up the event with PR, media invitations, writing slogans and a film script (currently in editing). I also mixed an original track for the event and DJ'ed throughout the catwalk and fashion show. Thanks to Romy Click for the photos, the stunning models and of course our designers. I'm incredibly proud we pulled this off, especially considering the pandemic.

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