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The Single Drum - Amsterdam 

The idea for this interactive piece was to bring people together after lockdowns to move, play and create collaboratively. The musical sculpture, a life-size music box, requires a group of people to walk inside it to produce music. After winning an Energy Junkies Art Grand from Marineterrein/Nemo we built it and placed it in the city of Amsterdam near where many refugee and refugee children were staying, and then at Lola Luid community centre. . 

The giant human hamster wheel turns when you walk inside and plays music, while the lights also change as notes are hit.

Tinkle Drum at Burning Man NL event.jpg
The Tinkle Drum detail.png
The Tinkle Drum hammers detail.png
WIP Tinkle Drum Image (1).jpg
The Tinkle In colour.jpg
Chilling in the Tinkle Drum.png
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