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[Always a work in progress. Updated links/new work coming soon.]

2024, Sleep On It, digital sculpture, online
2024, Taste Culture, sculpture, Rietveld NL 

2024, Hichixx Rear Entrance, wood panels, exhibited at Ignition festival, NZ 
2023, Beats Fire, steel sculpture, exhibited at Radion, Amsterdam, NL
2023, Roboat Heart, sculpture/performance, exhibited at Marineterrein, NL
2023, Divide Dividers, website, self-funded
2023, Disco Dustbin, sculpture, Rietveld Academy EOY Show, NL
2023, Block party performance, Schietbaan, Amsterdam, NL
2023, Does my butt look big?, ink/painting, Rietveld Academy EOY Show, NL
2023, Fluffy Milk, sculpture, Rietveld Academy, NL

2023, If Steve Jobs Were A She, digital writing commission, NL
2023, In these bones, carving, Rietveld Academy, NL

2023, Katja, oil pastel portrait, Rietveld Academy, Nl
2023, The Four Stages of Cruelty, drawing, ink, recycled materials Rietveld, NL
2023, Collection of hats, sculpture, Rietveld Academy, NL
2022, Appropriating the Appropriated, print/sculpture, Rietveld Academy, NL
2022, Meet Dog, sculpture, self-funded, NL

2022, Tents/Contexts, performance, self-funded, SA
2022, The Tinkle Drum, sculpture, Burning Man, US, Reno Tahoe Art Show, US
2022, The Single Drum, Lola Luid, funded by AFK, Energy Junkies Open Call, NL
2022, Lichen Juice, Rietveld Academy, NL
Constantinople, short story, Rietveld Academy, NL

2021,  Beatfiets, performance/event, Westerpark. Artist collaboration, NL
2021,  Jump, painting/mixed media, NL.
2021,  Fashion Emergency, extinction rebellion, fashion/performance, NL

2020, Fly this flag, charcoal drawing, NL
2020, PAPAGO Launch, performance, Paris, FR
2020, Nopulence, performance, extinction rebellion, De Balie, Amsterdam, NL
2020, La Porte, sculpture, PAPAGO festival, FR. 
2020, Space Saloon, Performance, PAPAGO festival, FR
2019,  Poof, performance, KiwiBurn, NZ

2019,  Blown Fuse Earrings, Montauban, FR

2019, Royal Music Tour Sketches, FR
2019, Brimm, sculpture, Ignition festival, NZ
2019, Wonder Woman, Performance, Otherlanz, NZ
2017, Artificial Idiot, digital, unfunded, NZ

2016, Tache, performance, NL

2015, Life drawings, London, UK

2013, Suburbia/Countryside, sketches, NZ

2013, Recycling Day, Short Story, NZ

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