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Autonomous Sound Sculpture: Roboat Heart 
1.6m x .80m 
Mixed materials: Steel, Electronics, LEDs, Audio, Choreography

This work combines technological advancements in autonomy with human spontaneity and emotion. When it comes to AI, perspectives vary. There's a fear of technology as a force that determines society; but there's an interesting co-evolutionary space when touch, feel, music, and choreography come together.

The performance plays with synchronicity, inviting the viewer to experience a meeting of autonomous technology and human behaviour through choreography, sculpture, light and music.
Bringing together the human anatomical heart as a mechanical form, lit up in colours that sync to music—created by people in an inner city environment—the autonomous vessel is programmed to appear to ‘dance’. Giving the technology human-like behaviour to respond to electrical and spontaneous inputs combines the emotional affect of the arts with the functional effect of technology

Heart Sculpture Close Up.png
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